Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday News Items

*Cardinal Newman's beatification is coming next year. He is a mighty intercessor for campus ministry, and if you know anything about campus ministry you should know this - we need all the mighty intercessors we can get.

*Carl Olson examines Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. Good stuff.

*The swine flu is a very serious issue, especially in Mexico where many Masses were canceled because of fears that it is spreading so quickly. Even though it isn't as bad in the US (yet?), the government has declared a public health emergency.

*Lila Rose, who has been doing the undercover videos which expose Planned Parenthood, was featured in an article from the LA Times. The story appeared in the local paper (The Eagle) this morning.

*Something we need to keep a close eye on - embryo banks - where people can put babies and use them for "spare parts". Sick.

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