Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Church and Politics

I don't think the Obama administration understands the Catholic Church at all. First they have tried to appoint three different ambassadors to the Vatican only to have them rejected. Should they have learned the first time that a pro-abortion Catholic doesn't make the cut? Probably, but they tried again and again.

Then they put together a "faith-based initiative board" that has a definite pro-abortion leaning to it, which isn't too suprising. What is suprising is that a member of that group would call the Knights of Columbus an "army of oppression" because they oppose homosexual marriage. He also called the Pope a "discredited leader".

Maybe Newsweek is right. Maybe the US is no longer a Christian Nation (though I would propose we never were).

When Obama visits Notre Dame, he will have a large group of Catholics who support the decision to invite him. No bishop in the US has admitted they support this decision and many have said they do not. Yet, Notre Dame continues to march forward - even to the point of giving talking points to it's board of trustees.

An image comes to mind in all of this - water and oil. I hope it doesn't stay this way.


libhom said...

If the Vatican won't accept our ambassadors, we should break off diplomatic relations with them. They should be able to push our country around like that.

Marcel said...

Politics is a two-way street. The US has rejected ambassadors before, this is no different. It is a lack of respect that the administration is showing to the Holy See, not the other way around.

Chris said...

Marcel, I think this may be more of a blind spot than an intentional lack of respect. I suspect it's not that the administration simply doesn't *care* what's causing the problem with its ambassadorial candidates. I think there's something in the administration's mentality that is making it difficult for them to *perceive* what the problem is. Not to mention the fact that things have gotten to the point where prominent non-dissident (that is, pro-life) Catholics in the Democratic Party are rare as hen's teeth.

John said...

There are people Obama could send over (Clinton did this with Lindy Boggs), but the obvious state of affairs shows that he rather not. Instead of consensus on the issues, he's ready to play hardball. Bad form.

Diplomatic relations are indeed a two-way street.