Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CT. Bill Pulled and Other News

*The controversial bill in CT. has been pulled. Good news, but don't think this isn't just the beginning of our modern secular culture's attack against people of faith.

*The doctor in Brazil who performed the abortion on a 9 year-old girl who had twins because of a rape by her stepfather is being hailed as a hero. Sad. On a related note, the girl was NOT excommunicated, though the doctor was, because the girl is a minor and is exempt from excommunication.

*Obama has now created a new "Ambassador-at-large for Global Women's Issues". Let me translate - "A Position Which Will Bully Other Countries Into Adopting Abortion Policies Around The Globe With The Help Of The UN and Other Western Countries".

*One of the biggest issues the Vatican is now dealing with is the flow of information. For years the press has been bemoaning communications from the Vatican, but now average Catholics, such as myself, have also been critical of how the Church is communicating the message of the Church. We really need to get this right. John Allen recently commented as well with some insights you should read. He gave this tidbit:
Whatever its roots, however, Catholicism undertook a prophetic -- and sometimes lonely -- defense of the dignity of every human person, which may never be sacrificed on the altar of alleged social progress.

Especially in light of that history, this week's Vatican effort to stimulate debate about a 21st century of eugenics is worth taking seriously.

Unfortunately, the near-term prospects for that seem fairly dim. The Vatican is suffering from a "credibility gap," making it difficult for some people to take it seriously as a source of moral leadership. In the long run, however, the ethical quandaries posed by genetic science are not going away, and one hopes the church will once again be in the forefront of seeking humane answers.

Getting the Vatican's PR act together would be, needless to say, a helpful first step.

I agree.

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tour86rocker said...

This stunt really makes me think. Those legislators couldn't have possibly pulled this off. What was their real intent?