Monday, March 16, 2009

Confession is "Indispensible"

So says the Pope in this message. He also said...
"[M]any precious spiritual and pastoral instruments -- which must be valued more and more -- contribute" to the formation of conscience, the Pope noted.

Besides the sacrament of reconciliation, he also pointed to catechesis, preaching, homilies, spiritual direction and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Beginning with the first of these elements, the Pontiff emphasized "how all the sacraments, even that of Penance, require a prior catechesis and a mystagogical catechesis to go more deeply into the sacrament 'per ritus et preces' ['through rites and prayers']."

An adequate catechesis, the Holy Father said, helps us "always better to perceive the sense of sin, which today is fading, or worse, obscured by a way of thinking and living 'etsi Deus non daretur' ['as if there were no God']."

Together with catechesis, Benedict XVI said there should be a "wise use of preaching," which in the history of the Church "has had varying forms according to the mentality and pastoral needs of the faithful."

He noted that modern means of communication are used more and more, which "on one hand represent a challenge to be confronted and on the other hand a providential opportunity to proclaim -- in a new way that is closer to the contemporary sensibility -- the unchanging Word of truth that the Divine Master entrusted to his Church."
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