Monday, March 16, 2009

Catholics and Abortion

Until abortion is no longer a reality (which will most likely be when Christ comes again), the Catholic Church will lead the fight to stop it. It seems we will also be fighting the media and bad public relations as well - though Christ promised we would be hated for preaching the truth, we don't need to help them out by offering up bad headlines.

It seems the Brazilian Bishops are not going to excommunicate the mother of the girl who had an abortion of twins by her stepfather. So, the girl is too young to have incurred excommunication and the mother was pressured into it by doctors and thus isn't excommunicated either.

On a related topic, it seems that when a shepherd of the Church has to call one of his sheep back into the fold through publicly asking them not to receive Communion, due to public scandal they have caused by supporting abortion, the press understands this as an "Attack". Look at the headline - "Archbishop Naumann Attacks Sebelius Over Abortion", then read the article. I think they messed this one up badly.
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