Friday, March 13, 2009

Catholic Underground

We have done Catholic Underground twice here at St. Mary's. Both have been a ton of fun. It is spreading to other parts of the country as well. The University of Illinois - Chicago recently hosted one and the Chicago Tribune did this nice story on it.
Friar Agustino Torres said the monks first started in New York with a casual "chilled-out devotion," followed by a punk rock or spoken word performance. But people asked whether they could get more contemplative. Thus, Catholic Underground was born, a marriage between prayer and performance.

Catholic Underground fills a need for young people seeking activities outside of church, many leaders said. Torres added that the event also provides a link between the faith and today's digital age.

"It is one thing to go to mass, but there is a lot of cultural mediums that your average Joe is used to that you just don't use in church. Catholic Underground attempts to help people pray ... and it gives a forum to the many artists who are trying to glorify God through their art."

Fun times.

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