Monday, February 9, 2009

Transforming the College Culture of Sex

There is a very interesting group, the Anscombe Society that was started at Princeton. They defend traditional values on sex and marriage, in the heart of the culture wars on campus. They do so without religious argumentation, but use science and reason. Good stuff. Here is their mission statement:
The Anscombe Society is a student organization at Princeton University dedicated to affirming the importance of the family, marriage, and a proper understanding for the role of sex and sexuality. We aim to promote an environment that values the crucial role the intact, stable family plays in sustaining society; the definition of marriage as the exclusive, monogamous union of a man and a woman; its role as an institution which is necessary for the healthy family, and thus for a healthy society; a conception of feminism that encourages motherhood; and a chaste lifestyle which respects and appreciates human sexuality, relationships, and dignity. Therefore, we celebrate sex as unifying, beautiful, and joyful when shared in its proper context: that of marriage between a man and woman. The Anscombe Society is a proactive community that provides social support and a voice for those already committed to these values, and promotes intellectual engagement to further discussion and understanding of this ethic on Princeton's campus and in the broader community.
Check out their website and this great column about them.

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