Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planned Parenthood Exposed

In the continued exposure of Planned Parenthood, Live Action Films has released another video.

See video #1 and #2.

UPDATE - A reader emailed me to ask if I was okay with the group lying. No, I have my reservation about the group's tactics and don't necessarily agree with how they are going about exposing PP. The reason I post the videos is to help expose the evil that PP does - both the abortions and how they are hiding crimes.

The Catechism says this about lying:
“The good and safety of others, respect for privacy, and the common good are sufficient reasons for being silent about what ought not be known or for making use of a discreet language. No one is bound to reveal the truth to someone who does not have the right to know it” (CCC 2489)
So, it could be argued that they are fighting for the common good - though I could also see arguments against that line or reasoning. Rest assured - the ends don't justify the means, but I have not made a final decision about the tactics used in these videos yet. If I reach one, you will certainly know about it.


Undecided said...

Undercover stings aren't anything new. The media has done many in the past to find out if business people such as act ethically in given situations.

Law enforcement does the same thing. A great example was when John Murtha was video taped taking a bribe by the FBI.

Personally, the way I look at it is if they obeyed the law than they wouldn't run into any problems from undercover stings. In reality all that they do is offer people an opportunity to break the law. It's only the crooks own fault if they get caught.

Marcel said...

They are not law enforcement agents.