Monday, February 16, 2009

Pelosi and the Pope

The Vatican has confirmed Nancy Pelosi will be meeting with the Pope. I differ with many Catholic commentators who think it is a bad idea to allow her a photo-op with the Pope, due to her pro-abortion politics. Why do I think this isn't a bad deal? Because:

1 - The Pope is the pastor of ALL Catholics - good, bad, cafeteria, faithful, orthodox, dissident - ALL.

2 - The Pope isn't a fool. He knows that she is a powerful politician and politics can be played both ways. She gets a photo-op. He gets her ear as Pope.

3 - She is on his turf on his terms. She doesn't get to dictate the topic of their discussion.

Instead of being critical of the Vatican's decision to receive her, why don't we pray that the conversation goes well and that Pelosi might hear the message of the Gospel of Life with an open heart.


Clayton said...

The Pope did speak to her about the life issues, as did her archbishop on February 8. (details here)

According to her spokesman, the February 8 meeting didn't change her mind. We'll have to see what the eventual fruit of today's meeting is.

Un Corazon in Tampa said...

Thou shalt not be negative.....