Thursday, February 26, 2009


I hate making mistakes, but I what makes every mistake worse is when you have to literally pay for it.

The gift of being able to go to Christopher West's Theology of the Body Institute next week was given to me a while back. I quickly made my plane reservations and got everything in my calendar straightened away so that I could go. I was very excited because I haven't had a chance to study like this since graduate school. Also, because the Theology of the Body changed my life already, I have a hunger to learn more about it.

I was then asked to do a day of reflection for St. Pat's Parish in Washington, IL. This meant that I had to fly to IL and then from IL to Penn. Stupid me, when I was changing my flights I booked my flight into Pittsburgh instead of Philadelphia. Lucky for me, Sr. Raffaella asked me about my trip and when I was leaving (she and Sr. Michaela are also going to the Institute) and when I gave her the details, she asked why I was flying into the wrong city. Uh-oh.

After frantically searching for a cheap flight or seeing if I could change flights, I had to cancel and re-book a new flight for another $250.

I feel stupid. I guess learning humility costs us sometimes - literally.

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