Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Google "Lent 2009" and see what comes up second.

Of course, because Ash Wed is tomorrow, I expect even more people will find us because of the Lent 2009 mega-post.

Now you know why we are getting tons of hits in the past week.

Welcome to all first-time visitors to Aggie Catholics blog.

The Pope likes that you have found us.

UPDATE: Anybody know Norwegian? Apparently we have some international folks visiting, and I have no idea what they are saying about us. We recently have had visitors from every continent (except Antarctica of course). My favorite is the Italian searching for the Pope's Lenten message - are they in Italy or not?


Andreas said...

Hi Marcel!
My name is Andreas and I am responsible for the norwegian link! Came across your excellent post on Lent 2009 and decided to link it up on our page dedicated to Lent 2009. Hope this is OK! The website www.katolsk.no is the official site of The catholic church in Norway. Oh and by the way: we are only saying good things about you:)


Marcel said...

Andreas - Thanks for letting me know and for the link. I am glad to see that the post was useful.