Thursday, February 19, 2009


Time Magazine has decided that Catholics who worry about FOCA are just on a "crusade against a mythical abortion bill". Really? Has Time jumped off the deep end?

The article is pretty bad, including gems such as:
While the USCCB's literature about FOCA has been generally accurate, the chain e-mail has disseminated a number of false claims
So, the USCCB has it right, but a chain email is worthy of mention?

Cardinal DiNardo was at St. Mary's last Friday and addressed the issues surrounding FOCA, when he was asked about it in Q&A after his lecture. Since he will be taking over the pro-life initiatives for the USCCB soon, his opinion matters greatly. He doesn't believe FOCA will ever come up for a vote, in part because of the Catholic efforts to bring the bill into the public consciousness. But, he does believe that many parts of the bill will be brought up for a vote incrementally. So, we have to be even more vigilant in watching legislation.

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