Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling Like a Doofus

How to feel like a doofus - while talking about a certain Cardinal, have him walk up from behind, without warning, and surprise you.

I am said doofus.


Keith said...

Partial transcript of doofus encounter:
"Well, I hope Mr. 'Look at me, I'm a Cardinal" is a forgiving fell-o-hey, um, hi, your Cardinalness. Um, how long have you been standing there? Wait a minute, how did you get there? Can you bi-locate? [Charlie Brown's teacher's voice] Huh, come again? Oh, yeah, um, yes your Cardinalness, I do have something to confess. [bows head, closes eyes] Bless me Father, for I have been a doofus...

Marcel said...

Yeah - I didn't realize that ninja skills were part of becoming a Cardinal.