Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do Yourself a Favor

Not because it will feel good, but because it is the right thing to do, go and suffer alongside Amy Welborn as she tries to put the pain, frustration, confusion, thoughts, prayers, and grief together. This post is another masterpiece. Heart shattering beauty.

Thirsting for God. Rescuing from the snares of the enemy. Letting Christ live in me, being consumed, taken over by Christ, the Risen One, alive in Him. Praying for that. Every day. Asking God for mercy, for forgiveness, for peace. For the total embrace of Love.

The hope strikes me, again with great force.

His prayers have been answered.

How can I, even as I acknowledge the crushing, puzzling, confusing loss and my shattered heart - for even Jesus wept - how can I say that I love him and that I believe all this stuff we both said we believed is actually true - and not allow some gratitude, albeit limited and struggling gratitude - to creep into my soul, for that thing, which is not a small thing, but a great thing?

That his prayers - all those prayers, all of the seeking and yearning and hoping have found their blessed end?


Imagine my surprise.

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