Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday Article

A nice article in the Texas A&M student newspaper, the Battalion, on Ash Wednesday - and not just because I was quoted in it. Here is a snip:
"The reason why we give up something good is to realize that God is the greatest of all goods and to remind ourselves that there is nothing greater than God. Then we start to have some self control over the passions we have," said LeJeune.

During this time, increased prayer, almsgiving and fasting are also advised to be practiced.

Fasting usually involves eating fish instead of meat on Fridays during the season. This is because fish was once known to be the food of the poor, and meat the food of the rich.

"It's in order to show that even food, which we require to sustain our bodily lives, is not as important as God who sustains our spiritual lives and everything else," said LeJeune.


Kevin said...

I had thought that abstinence involved eating fish instead of meat on Fridays, and that fasting is eating no more than the equivalent of one small meal for the day.

Marcel said...

Yes, she messed up.