Thursday, January 15, 2009

San Francisco Politics and The Catholic Church

I haven't posted anything on what is happening in California lately, but thought it was time. There have been several attacks on Catholic Churches (see an example here) and vicious tirades against those who voted for prop 8, not to mention a few physical attacks on individuals.

Now, there are extremists who resort to violence in every group. But, this has gone too far and in some instances is condoned by government officials. In San Francisco the city is known for having some of the most polarizing politicians around. One of them has decided to try and payback the Catholic Church by insisting the Church should pay taxes on some property. Details here.

Please keep our country in your prayers and start evangelizing more. We need Catholics to act more Catholic - not run and hide their beliefs.

FYI - the last time I posted on Prop 8 the blog had several new visitors that decided to try and attack the Church in the comboxes and didn't appreciate my responses (or deletions in a few cases). Remember that there are some policies about posting comments you might want to read.

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