Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day and the Inauguration

A thoughtful post from one of my grad school adjunct faculty members, Mark Brumley, at Ignatius Insight Scoop.

Progress or Regress or Both?

My Augustinian side is not so pronounced as to deny the possibility and indeed the reality of social progress. It is social progress that our nation once constitutionally allowed some people to buy and sell other people but no longer does. It is progress that the half the population that could not vote a hundred years ago possesses suffrage today. However, my progressivism is not so na├»ve as to pretend that the diabolical is not at work within history. Two steps forward and one step back. Or is it one step forward and two steps back? In any event, we have gone from constitutional protection of some people buying and selling other people, and half the population being disenfranchised, to some people legally killing their unborn babies in the name of freedom and equality of gender. And on a day when a figure who symbolizes America's triumph over the evil of slavery and racism is celebrated and we anticipate the first black American President, America's accomplishment is tainted by our new President’s commitment to upholding the legal right of mothers, in the name of freedom and equality, to destroy the next generation. As a lover of my country, I cannot but rejoice and take pride in the fact that Barrack Obama represents the triumph of our nation and our political process over the grave evils of slavery and racism. That is not to be gainsaid. Yet as a lover of my country, I cannot but weep and hang my head in shame that more unborn children will die during a single year of Mr. Obama’s term in office, with his support and his invocation of the rhetoric of rights to sanction the evil, than deaths occurred on both sides during the entire Civil War.

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