Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook Catholics

There is a PhD student at the Catholic U in DC who is doing a survey on those who identify themselves as Catholic. You can take the survey here.
She is using facebook as the primary way of randomizing the data. Read about it here.


tour86rocker said...

I'm trying to comment without being rancorous. I strongly believe that this study has a flawed methodology.

The way it's being spread on Facebook, I fully expect it to paint a very rosy but inaccurate picture of Catholic young adults in this country and their beliefs. It could also easily skew the other way if it was disseminated among spiteful types. I think it even allows you to take it repeatedly from the same computer.

I think she has the best of intentions, but I won't really be able to trust the eventual findings.

Marcel said...

I think she talks about her methodology on the page. We shall see how it turns out.