Monday, January 12, 2009

The Catholic Church is More than a Scandal

Recently, I pulled up a video of a priest giving a homily which I heard good things about. But, I only listened to about 15 seconds of it before closing the page. Why? Because the priest set up the homily be saying something about the "sexual scandals in the Church" and I just don't want to hear about them anymore.

I may be alone in this, but:
  • I am tired of blaming every problem in the Church on a few sinners, when we need to all be looking in the mirror. Yes, it is a big deal. But, not so big as to be the sole reason for so many issues. I think there are much bigger issues that lie deeper - but we don't hear about them all the time.
  • I am tired of every homily, talk, or article linking topics such as dwindling mass attendance, low vocations to religious life / priesthood, and other issues to the scandal.
  • I think our Church should never forget our problems, but needs to move on and look to the future, not the past.
  • I think our mission as evangelists who give the Good News to others has a cloud hanging over it and we need to move out from under it.
  • I think the scandal has become an excuse to stay in the status quo and not challenge ourselves, our neighbors and our leaders to grow.
We need to stop complaining about the issues in our Church and start working out our own holiness.

Maybe it is just me.


Monica said...

It seems to me that when a sexual scandal occurs in a Protestant denomination everyone talks about it for a week then forgets about. It's sad that the scandals in the Catholic church are still being used as excuses for some to stop attending Mass and movies and tv shows will still use it as a central element in their plot. I agree that the world needs to recognize that we are ALL sinners and that no one religion is without its scandals.

David said...

Not just you Marcel, I agree.

matthew archbold said...

agreed. It's almost too easy for a speaker to start off with the sex scandal as a jumping off point.
I mean is there anybody who hasn't heard about it yet?