Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Dad - The Veteran

Thank a veteran on this Veteran's Day.
Here is what I sent my dad.


I don’t say it enough, but thanks.

Thanks for handing on the faith of Jesus Christ to me.

Thanks for imparting in me a value for every human life and soul.

Thanks for giving me life.

Thanks for helping me realize that I had a purpose and a mission.

Thanks for watching over me, protecting me and nurturing me when I was young and innocent.

Thanks for seeking to build virtue in me.

Thanks for respecting my freedom.

Thanks for loving me.

Today, Veteran’s Day, I have some extra thanks to give you.

Thanks for risking your life to fight for our freedoms.

Thanks for being brave enough to go to war for what you believe in.

Thanks for putting it all on the line in order that the ideals of this country could continue.

Thanks Dad.

I love you.


My dad rocks.
Thank you God for our armed forces. Please protect them and their families.

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