Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go to a Catholic College and Lose Your Faith?

Many do.
A study on students at Catholic Colleges reports the following.

Key findings clearly demonstrate that large numbers of students at Catholic colleges and universities are in clear conflict with the Catholic Church.

Clearly, some of the findings are troubling, but some are a result of living in the USA. Most know someone that got an abortion or had friends that had premarital sex. The troubling part, for me, is found in what the students did not believe.

Here are the stats I found troubling:
-Sixty percent (60%) agree strongly or somewhat that abortion should be legal (including 53% of those who currently identify as Catholic, and half those who were sacramentally-active Catholics during their last year at a Catholic college or university).
-Sixty percent (60%) agree strongly or somewhat that premarital sex with someone
you really care about is not a sin (including 55% of current Catholics, 53% of sacramentally-active Catholics).
-Seventy-eight percent (78%) disagree strongly or somewhat that using a condom
to prevent pregnancy is a serious sin (including 73% of current Catholics, 69% of sacramentally-active Catholics).
-Fifty-seven percent (57%) agree strongly or somewhat that same-sex marriage should be legal (including 53% of current Catholics, 48% of sacramentally-active
-Sixty-one percent (61%) of both current Catholics and sacramentally-active Catholics agree strongly or somewhat that women should be allowed to be ordained as Catholic priests.
Ouch. Here is the full report.


tour86rocker said...

Hey Marcel, don't you have statistics about the tendencies of Aggie Catholics just a few years after graduating here?

Marcel said...

We have not tracked all graduates. We will be starting a longitudinal study that will hopefully do so soon.