Monday, October 13, 2008


*The New York Times has a fair article on those who are arguing for traditional marriage based on nature.

*Host desecration videos on YouTube are back up. Sign a petition here to have them removed again.

*The Pope has canonized four people, including India's first female saint.

*More Bishops have spoken up about voting this cycle of elections than ever before. The New York Bishops have issued a statement, here is the Bishop of Patterson, NJ, Bishop Sarretelli's take and here is Bishop Zubik from Pittsburgh's take.

*Here is a good interview with Cardinal DiNardo, who will be coming to Aggieland to take part in St. Mary's lecture series in the spring. He makes this comment about Joel Osteen (taken out of context somewhat - but he is honest in his opinion of what Osteen is teaching):
I would not put forth Joel Osteen as a way to be lifted up, because it’s just self-help. All it is, is self-help. That’s not good.
*Two good takes on Bill Maher's new movie. Here and here.

*McDonalds has backed off of it's support of the pro-homosexual marriage agenda.

*The supreme court of the state of Conneticut has now declared marriage open to homosexual couples. The bishops of Conn. have responded.

*An Oregon court has ordered frozen embryos destroyed as a "property rights" issue. Too bad they didn't see this video from Wired on the first 24 hours of life.

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existenceandessence said...

Just a nitpicky biologist's comment -

You can't compare zebrafish gestation to human gestation (which the Wired article makes clear). Zebrafish have a 3-4 month gestation while humans have a 9 month gestation. Human zygotes don't even undergo their first cell division until about 24 hours after fertilization - that is, after 24 hours, the "baby" actually consists of just 2 cells!