Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Good News.

Bad News.

Your thoughts on either are welcome!


tour86rocker said...

When it comes to bad news statistics, I take them with a grain of salt depending on where they come from. Without totally ruling out their conclusion, I think it's iffy when the reporter leaves out the study questions, who the subjects were, how they were chosen for the study, etc.

Some people change, some people stay the same. All the more reason to keep fighting the culture war.

tour86rocker said...

On the good news, I've kept on eye on Orthodox relations since high school. I've been curious about our "separated brethren" (a VCII term, I think?) since learning about the schism when I was in high school.

I don't think I've ever met any Eastern Christians who weren't Catholic, but I wait in hope for the day that we are reunited. Sometimes that day seems closer than others.

This last weekend I visited a Byzantine Catholic parish in Irving, TX with my girlfriend and her roommate. It was an absolutely beautiful experience and we all enjoyed it in different ways.

I've had a few different experiences of visiting Eastern Catholic parishes and they've all been very positive. The people have been very welcoming and warm. And it was very genuine and natural.

There was no command from the pulpit to single out, stare at, and clap for the visitors, like I experience when I visit some Roman parishes. Speaking for myself, I wish Roman parishes would adopt the practice I've observed from Ruthenian Byzantines: help visitors with the book containing the order of the Mass, and talk to them one on one afterwards. We were invited to coffee and pie in the parish hall (amazing) and met some great people there.

Coming back from the diversion now. I wish more Romans were aware of our Eastern Catholic brothers who we're ALREADY in communion with. They're some great people, if you ask me! Future reunion with the Eastern Orthodox could be a lot smoother if we each knew more about their unique ways while preserving our own.