Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Initiative 1000

They have started to pull out the big guns against an initiative that would legalize doctor assisted suicide.


Stop Assisted Suicide in WA said...

Help us stop Assisted Suicide from becoming law in Washington. If it passes here, the Hemlock society will push for Assisted suicide in other states.

Polls show it's a dead heat! Help the NO on Initiative 1000 side to win by giving money for advertising.

To donate, go here: .

Please spread the word and help us to raise funds. Fight the battle over there so we don't have to fight it in our home state.

tour86rocker said...

Praise God, that's a great TV spot.

The movie "Children of Men". Watch it. Government will start guilting the elderly into acquiescing to suicide if the economy gets bad enough, once laws like this get into the books. But we'll pray that they won't.

It's even more reason to spread the Theology of the Body. Our dignity as human beings doesn't came from what we can DO or how USEFUL we are.