Thursday, October 23, 2008

God vs. Culture

In two separate and unrelated events some non-Christians in our culture have started to bring the fight to Christians. I don't necessarily believe it to be a bad thing. When Christians are too comfortable with their positions in life and society, then we take too much for granted. We can see the results of this battle in stories such as the following:
  1. Americans United For Separation of Church and State has asked the IRS to investigate a Catholic Bishop in Jersey about comments he made on the election.
  2. Atheists in Britain have started an advertising campaign on buses that say, "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."
I find both items somewhat silly, but at least they will make Christians stand up and defend themselves. Some others share my views. One Christian group in Britain actually sent in an $82 donation to the ad campaign because "ads were so bad they would probably attract people to religion".

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tour86rocker said...

#2 is priceless. For everyone who reads it, it brings their mind to God, which is the exact opposite of the intent! They start thinking: "when did I go to church last?", "I remember that time a long time ago that I heard God in prayer, why'd I stop?", and the like.

And Satan says, "D'oh!"