Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Benedict the Blogger

Some want it to happen.

Of course, the name suggestion contests have already started on other blogs.

On a somewhat related note - there is a very nice series of videos being done. Check it out.
This is the new evangelization done well.


tour86rocker said...

I love the idea of getting Papa Benedict's brain in bite-size pieces, but I'm not sure it comes that way! I exaggerate, but although he might try his hand at doling out his wisdom in more of a mama bird fashion, we should be aware that Papa Benedict's already nourishing his church in different ways, so to speak.

His brain is big but he's definitely "accessible" when you read him. I haven't read a lot of his, but what I have has been very relevant for young people and I think it's overly bold to ask him, as a Cardinal did, to blog daily.

I just wouldn't want to ask him to stop writing his next "Jesus of Nazareth" book or his next "Deus Caritas Est" and start updating his "What are you doing right now?" and favorite movies on Facebook instead!

I'm told that his book "Jesus of Nazareth" is AMAZING and is rich like cheesecake (or what-have-you, in a delicious way) and hard to read at a rate of more than two pages a night without just hacking through. I think that's what Father Groeschel says. But I re-emphasize that it doesn't mean that it's not "for people like us", because it is, and I plan to get around to that book one of these days.

So perhaps we just need more charitable and encouraging blogs out there. The Catholic blogosphere can be a minefield! (and definitely be wary of online Catholic forums!) Kudos to what Marcel and Sarah are doing here. The New Evangelization relies on young laypeople, in large part.

tour86rocker said...

I also wanted to say that I'm looking forward to that video series! I must say, though, that I hope it will be available via means other than YouTube, though.

On the one hand it could brighten up that dark place, but on the other, their refusal to take down the Eucharistic desecration videos still has me peeved.