Friday, September 12, 2008


The storm surge has already put several places under water, including Kemah, which is just south of Houston and near on the Northwestern part of Galveston Bay - which means it is pretty far north of the shore. Plus, the storm hasn't even hit yet.

Some forecasters are predicting that the surge could make Ike one of the most destructive hurricanes of all time.

The tropical storm force winds (at least 40 mph sustained, with higher gusts) are expected to start around 7pm for us. By 11pm we will start having sustained winds of 60 mph. By 7am Saturday, we will have at least 74mph winds sustained (hurricane force) with gusts upwards of 100.

Stay inside away from windows. Expect the power to go out. Be safe.

No more blogging for a while. I will let you know how we fared in a few days, if the power is on.

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