Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Smells Like The Vatican

The Pope's Cologne.
There are a million punchlines to this one.
  • An infallible smell.
  • Why God gave us a nose.
  • Not for Luther.
  • Tested on funny looking Swiss men.
Some offered in Comments:

  • Indulge your senses
  • Frankensensational
  • Don't smell like a relic...smell incorrupt
  • Smell like a German Shepherd
  • Magisterial Musk
  • Papa's Profumo
  • An 'in scent' for the masses
  • Put on the odor of sanctity
  • Smells like... salvation
  • He can't attract the ladies. But you sure can.
  • For Petes' Neck

Please add your own.


Keith said...

"Indulge your senses"


"Smells like a man...
A holy man"

"You've got the keys to the City, an apartment in the new part of town, that flashy Mercedes SUV, nice complete the package with the Pope's Cologne"

"A faithful fragrance that works"

"Don't smell like a relic...smell incorrupt"

"Spray some on your head and hands as well"

"Smell like a German Shepherd"

"Anoint that sweaty zuchetto"

"When 5 o'clock comes around, throw off your miter, kick off your red shoes, dust off that old black cassock and hit the town. Oh, and don't forget to splash on some Pope's Cologne."

Jeff said...

Cunningly Catholic

Magisterial Musk

Papa's Profumo or Papst-Parf├╝m for Germans

The Pieta of Colognes

Vatican Virility

eric said...

"An 'in scent' for the masses"
"Smell like your father... The Holy Father"

Rex Coelestis said...

Is it authentic, historic, refreshing,INFALLIBLE??
You better believe it.

I really do make it from the original formula of Pius IX with real essential oils. It is a very nice, refreshing Old World cologne.

Fred Hass

Brandon said...

"Put on the odor of sanctity"

Ken said...

Smells like... salvation.

Excuse me, Father, is that the Pope's Cologne you're wearing?

One billion Catholics. One scent.

Smell ya later!

Smell so good for so long. Just like Pio Nono.

Stephen said...

He can't attract the ladies. But you sure can.

See of Peter. Smell of Heaven.

It'll work miracles for you.

Aaron said...

Eau de P'eau N'eau N'eau

Linda said...

For Petes' Neck

Mister said...

"Put it on and she can see your soul."

fred hass said...

...historic, refreshing aftershave...a great gift for Faters' Day...any day !