Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lourdes and The Anglican Church

In a bold move, Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams said that the Marian apparition at Lourdes is historical fact. He is the first Anglican leader to say such a thing.

It promptly brought about reactions such as this:
"Lourdes represents everything about Roman Catholicism that the Protestant Reformation rejected, including apparitions, Mariolatry and the veneration of saints," he said in a Sept. 24 statement. "The archbishop's simple presence there is a wholesale compromise, and his sermon -- which included a reference to Mary as 'the mother of God' -- is a complete denial of Protestant orthodoxy."

He added, "At a time when our country is crying out for clear biblical leadership, it is nothing short of tragic that our supposedly Protestant archbishop is behaving as little more than a papal puppet."


JackieD said...

I kind of feel bad pointing this out, but isn't this the same guy who more or less suggested that Britain adopt Sharia law?

Marcel said...

Don't feel bad. He certainly has gotten many other things wrong.

The Ironic Catholic said...

You know, Rowan Williams is a smart man--I actually encourage people to read some of the books he write as a theological academic before he was elevated (like Resurrection or A Ray of Darkness). But he's working with a model of Church that cannot work. He wants to hold in the tides for unity's sake? He sees some of the real good in Lourdes and acknowledging Mary as the Mother of God?...

Have we got a One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church for you!