Monday, September 8, 2008

Biden on Abortion

Biden appeared on meet the press, just a few weeks after Nancy Pelosi did, and offered an almost identical reason for his support of abortion. The US Bishops have already started to respond. This one is not going away soon.

Here is the video below.

Here is the homily (audio) by Bishop Robert Morlino, who responded to the statements. You can tell he was somewhat worked up. As he says, he is not addressing Democrats, he is addressing Catholics. Morlino takes it to them in plain English - great homily!

Biden should have kept his mouth shut. He doesn't know what he is talking about, the same goes for Pelosi.


Geoff said...

Bishop Morlino said at the end that he was worked up, but he sounded very calm to me. I agree that his purpose was entirely appropriate and within his purview as a bishop. It was also necessary because of how public Pelosi's and Biden's views have been made. He makes a perhaps the only well-thought-out point about the separation of church and state that I've heard in the last five or so years. (In my experience, most people invoke it incorrectly)

There are many Catholic politicians, Democrats and Republicans, who are causing scandal. I wonder if it wouldn't be appropriate for bishops to take this opportunity to renew invitations to ALL such politicians to come and a sit-down and chat about it (*cough* as they already should have done years ago *cough*).

On the other hand, I don't want to see politicians using the Church in a NEW way, publicly repenting in the last months before an election to garner votes. I'm reminded somewhat of the example of the "Holy Roman Emperor" Henry IV who was excommunicated and reputedly stood in the snow, barefoot and in a hair shirt, begging for clemency until he received it. He needed the Pope's approval to ensure his rule and promptly violated the terms of their agreement after returning to communion.

So my point is, I think that bishops like Niederauer need to keep a firm hand in this or they're going to be USED by very savvy and worldly politicans.

eric said...

How can Biden sit and say I accept the teachings of my church, but I still defend a woman's 'right' to choose? Isn't that a basic fallacy of argumentation?