Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back To It

Took a few days off. Here are the highlights of what was missed:

*Japan's new Prime Minister is Catholic.

*Archbishop Myers' sci-fi book is released.

*40 Days For Life (started and run by Aggies) is starting at midnight.

*The Sacramento Diocese is suing the Western province of the Dominicans - not in a civil suit, but in ecclesiastical court. Interesting.

*Pray for our brothers and sisters in Vietnam and India, who face true persecution.


tour86rocker said...

On Japan's new PM, I'm glad to hear it...hopefully he's morally Catholic! I was impressed with the website of the Archdiocese of Tokyo when I checked it out for a friend a couple of years ago. She was going to be teaching English there and doubted she'd be able to go to Mass (not so!)

They had a really great English website with articles about why we believe what we believe. I was so impressed that they bothered to put so much detail into the English website! The website has since changed so that I'm not seeing the same stuff.

A scifi book by an Archbishop, huh? I might have to check it out. I've been on a Heinlein/Bradbury kick in recent weeks (currently on hiatus). This sounds like it hearkens to a couple decades earlier, like the "Captain Proton" holonovels in Star Trek Voyager.

I love the GOOD sci-fi. Bradbury and Philip K Dick have some great books that are socially, morally, and politically relevant for Catholics and other Christians today. The latter wrote a short story called "The Pre-Person" in response to Roe v. Wade about a future where the US gov't has decided that abortion is legal until the soul enters the body, which they have defined as the moment where a child is capable of doing ALGEBRA.

A former Math major from a major university demands to be taken to the abortion mill, as a protest, claiming that he has forgotten how to do Algebra. Mr. Dick received ugly letters and death threats for writing that story. The talk about "when the soul enters the body" reminds me of the intellectual dishonesty of Pelosi and Biden...

John said...

Yeah, I read about the new Japanese PM, very cool. Interesting.

And an archbishop writing sci-fi books? Sounds like there should be a punchline with that. ;-)