Friday, August 29, 2008

Sex and The Contraceptive Mentality

What is the contraceptive mentality? It is thinking that sex is for pleasure alone. That it is what we wish it to be. Sex is not for making babies or for bringing two spouses together. It is purely a selfish act of fulfilling a 'need', not a giving of self to another.

This mentality is tearing apart our culture. I have seen it time and time again. It happens when sex between two people becomes about me rather than you. It happens when pornography entangles someone in it's snare.

Here are several related stories on this issue that got me thinking about this again.

*Actor David Duchovny went into rehab for sex addiction. This is after he has played several characters who had sexual issues, including Fox Mulder who had a large porn collection, in movies and TV. This is the first celebrity that I know of that has entered rehab for sex addition, though I know others personally who have done so.

*By 2015, deaths will surpass births in Europe. Wow! I knew they were contracepting their society into oblivion, but I didn't know it was coming so fast.

We need to stand up and fight against the contraceptive mentality. Sex is sacred.

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mostly young said...

Hi Marcel ~ you are right on the money. It is also vital that young people understand that it was the mentality of contraception is what ushered in the era of abortion. I believe it is in the transcripts of Roe vs. Wade where one of the judges said that contraception made abortion neccessary.

Our sexuality will never be confined to just one aspect of our life but encompasses the very depth of who we are.