Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pelosi and Abortion - continued

Fr. Z completely dissects the argument by Pelosi. Some good points he makes:
Madame Speaker, you can’t reduce the Church’s teaching to a 1500 year old sound bite which you don’t understand.
He is absolutely dead-on. But, this one is hard to argue around.
Take note that Speaker Pelosi rests her position on Augustine.

But Augustine also thought that males were vivified at 30 days and females at 90 days.

Does Speaker Pelosi like that position too?

Or is she content simply to cherry-pick ancient Patristic sound-bites she does not understand?

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Geoff said...

Praise God for priests like Fr. Z. He can be quite gruff, but he knows logic and he knows the faith. I used to participate in his COL forum, but online Catholic forums can be such a minefield.

But more importantly, praise God for shepherds who actually shepherd like Pope Benedict as well as Burke, Chaput, and even Egan! I feel like the last four years, not to mention the last 6-8 years, have seen such an emboldening of the Bishops here in the United States.

They are an example to all of us, especially apologists, catechists, and clergy, of how to teach the truth with love, not puffed up pride. Would that I had more of that spirit.