Monday, August 25, 2008


China's government is extremely repressive. I never could get over that fact watching the Olympics and I wish that the 'press' would have done more stories on the problems in China rather than feel-good stories about the Great Wall and Buddhist temples.

But, I digress. I loved watching the sports. Outside of a few cases of doping, bad cheating, etc., the world got to see good sportsmanship and great competition. For the most part, this is what sports can do - bring out the good in us.

Of course, the most amazing performance was Michael Phelps' 8 golds and 7 world records. To put it in perspective:
If he were a country, he would have finished 22nd in the medals standings and he won more gold medals, by himself, than all but 8 countries!

He got more gold medals than France, Ukraine, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, and many others.
Amazing feat of athleticism.

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