Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Fever


Don't forget that the olympics are being held in a country that is home to one of the world's most repressive regimes. Propaganda is part of the party's control.


Geoff said...

I saw this the other day, it's hilarious! What did they say, something about the sickest man who "must love the Olympics the most"? So awful you can't help but groan.

I'm looking forward to seeing what real journalists have to say after they're safely home from that country. I'm not expecting them to suddenly turn on China afterwards, but I'm curious about their experience.

I've been following news from the Cardinal Kung foundation for years. The way they treat people in that country, especially people of faith, is abominable and I wish people would stop patting China on the head. The ruling regime is evil.

I almost cited some interviews about a book called The Seven Sorrows of China but the author makes some accusations against some Chinese people (ex: that some eat human fetal soup) that cannot be confirmed by any reputable sources. It's a shame for the author; I have a seminarian friend who claims that the author (a past professor of his) is a living saint. I'd rather he be wrong about that allegation, but I'm not finding any evidence for it.

However, there are many accusations of forced abortions and modern-day martyrdom of Catholics in China and that's bad enough...

Geoff said...

Let's not forget The Onion's The Beijing Olympics: Are They a Trap? which has one of those guys from the Sonic commercials, among others.

"...they're going to wait until it gets dark, and they're gonna bring their dragons"

Ed said...

I heard contact with 14 year old gymnasts brings on a more serious case requiring immediate "quarantine".

All the positive spin on these games does indeed make me wonder how much the foreign press is being handled in country and what exactly will be said after they all leave and get home. How many undercover reports are they getting if any?