Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh My!

*Pelosi decided to respond to the Bishops' response to her crazy statements on abortion (see posts below). She is just digging her hole deeper. The American Papist responds, so I don't have to. She should take Logic 101, because her argument hasn't got a lick of reason in it. The AP has picked up the response.

*Another case of irrational argumentation - a Catholic Cardinal (who I had the honor of meeting about 6 years ago), from Honduras, says that Ricky Martin violated the dignity of life by having children via a surrogate mother. So, this website then tells the Cardinal to "mind his own business". Is it just me or are they not minding their own business by jumping in the middle of it?

*Mexico City might change course and not allow abortions to be legal. Pray for this one.

*The Church has another martyr. Pray for those Christians in India and other countries who are truly persecuted. The Vatican responds to the attack.

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