Monday, August 11, 2008

Natural Family Planning and Non-Catholics

Contraception and the issues surrounding it are being debated more and more in non-Catholic circles. The bad news that contraception brings to a marriage and the gift of our fertility is not just a Catholic issue.

The Austin American Statesman has a great article on the issue and even quotes an Aggie Catholic, Alexis Dobson.

Here is a great snip from the article.

For David Taylor, the question of how best to faithfully plan families reveals "a fascinating examination of God's sovereignty and human free will."

With a pill, he said, people are in control. But "what does it mean to submit your physical bodies to God's sovereign care? ... God has given us power and freedom to exercise that decision. We can say, 'God, we're going to respect the rhythms you have given us.' "


scs said...

Though I am a Catholic, I oppose statements supporting the misguided notion that birth control takes the power from God. In fact, I can't fathom any Christian making such an assertion.

No form of birth control yet conceived is 100% proof against pregnancy. At the risk of sounding flippant, not even abstinence is totally effective. To suggest that God could not induce pregnancy despite the use of birth control is, itself, blasphemic. One might as well advocate against any life-saving device, such as seat belts or antibiotics, because these devices "keep God from taking his people home."

Marcel said...

SCS - I think you have a misguided notion about what birth control does. Is any method bullet-proof? No. But, does that mean that you are free to oppose the gift of fertility in any way you deem appropriate? Not at all. Contraception is just what it's etymology implies - against conception. Can the will of God be frustrated from anything we do, yes and no. No, because if God actively wills something - it happens. Period.

But, God has given us a beautiful gift called free will. He allows us to choose good and evil. Contraception is evil - in and of itself - if used to prevent pregnancy. Why? Well, read this as a primer.

Marcel said...

FYI - Your metaphor about life-saving devices doesn't work.

Contraception kills - it causes chemical abortions and is anti-life, by it's very nature.

prolifenance said...

Wonder why, with all the empasis today on living green and going organic, no one has equated how filling our bodies, our landfills and our water supplies with chemical hormones is NOT living green and going organic!