Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Powers

WARNING: random stream of consciousness post coming.

Everyone has thought of having a super power and I certainly imagined it quite a bit when I was a kid reading all of my comic books. I always thought being super strong, being able to fly, teleporting, and other super powers would be fun to have.

In our Catholic tradition, we have something close to super powers - the extraordinary charisms of the spirit. These can be displayed in several ways. Some are in the form of tongues or prophecy. Others are only manifested in the Saints. For example, St. Padre Pio could bi-locate and read others' souls. Now, that is cool.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Wonder Twins' super powers. The Wonder Twins are side-kicks to the Justice League superheroes. Hence, they are the weak kids who mess up everything. Then, they have a sidekick monkey, Gleek (how would you like to be named after spit?).

The brother, who can form himself into any kind of water (e.g., vapor, ice, etc.), is the weakest of all of the Justice League. In fact, I wouldn't even put him into the category of "super" hero. He is more of an averagehero. But, I digress.

Even those with lesser gifts are valuable. Even Gleek and the weak Wonder Twins, as this video clearly shows.

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