Monday, July 14, 2008

Pope in Australia

During his flight to Australia, the Pope gave a wide-ranging interview. They talked about the sex scandals (which is the only portion that made it into the local paper this morning), culture, God, technology, the environment, and more. But, this stood out to me. Of course, it won't make most papers:

Asked too if he was concerned about faith in Europe and Australia, the Pope said he did not feel pessimism. "I will do my best to answer in English. I think that Australia, in its historical configuration economically and politically is part of the [Western] world and so shares also the successes and problems of the rest of the Western world.

"Australia in the last 50 years, has had great economical and technological successes and religion has been relegated … people have said, 'We don't need God, religion it is not necessary. We do not need God to be happy, we do not need God to create a better world. It is not necessary; we can do it ourselves.'

"But God always exists, and religion always exists. It is needed, it is a part of human beings. It can never disappear as it is always present in the heart of human beings."

Amen! This is the heart of his pontificate summed up. I also think his "trying" to answer in English was a success.

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