Monday, July 14, 2008

Politics and Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has more than $100 million left over from last year and the Wall Street Journal does a front page story on the money trail as well as the new marketing strategy to try and change their image. They do this with $330 million in tax money. Then they turn around and do lobbying, political activism, and community outreach to further their influence and agenda. On top of it all, they are trying to run their competitors out of business to further increase their influence.

So, several members of Congress have called for de-funding them. This is one of the speeches made on the floor.

Of course, there were much more important things going on in Congress at the time.

Congress Struggles To Come Up With Cool Name For Anti-Drug Initiative


D.R. Schmidt said...

Thought you would be interested in seeing this video investigation of Planned Parenthood and racism that is happening today:

PART I: Planned Parenthood Racism Investigation

New Mexico: Planned Parenthood Racism Investigation

Hannity & Colmes on Planned Parenthood Rape Investigation

Undecided said...

LoL reminds me of something out of Catch 22.

Hey Marcel did you hear about how Bush is pushing something forward that would allow womens clinics to take some of the millions of dollars that PP gets to supposedly help women. Here's part of an e-mail PP sent about it recently.

"We have just received news that President Bush is trying to sell-out women's health in the most unbelievable way. Here's how:

The Bush administration is about to release a rule that will make it possible for federal funding that is specifically designed to prevent unintended pregnancy and promote reproductive health to now be used for anything but that.

If it happens, it will be a massive betrayal of women and families, and we must stop it. ..." They go on to do what they always do ask for money.