Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Headlines

*Make a billion dollars and still call yourself a non-profit? Please stop spending my money on PP.

*Possible title for the Pope's next encyclical - "Caritas in Veritate" (Charity in the Truth)

*I am currently kicking caffeine (for the second time), so this article about caffeine poisoning is quite interesting and I don't drink nearly as much as these kids do. I found this particularly interesting:
But energy drinks may be only part of the story. Team 5 Investigates discovered extra caffeine is being added to gum, mints, candy bars, even lip balm. A small bag of one caffeine-infused snack food called Engobi contains as much caffeine as two Red Bull drinks, but consumers would never know that by reading the label. Companies often don’t specify how much caffeine individual products contain. And other ingredients may add an extra punch.


bullschuck said...

Not that I approve of PP or of public funding for them, but your 1st statement doesn't match what's in the article. $1 billion in revenue doesn't equal $1 billion in profits. Revenue is just what money they got. You have to balance that out against expenses to find profits. And there are probably a couple of Catholic organizations out there who would be able to post close to a billion dollars in revenue but have zero profits.

Again, I don't agree with PP, I don't support PP, I just want us to have cogent arguments. And I think I'm coming down with a case of "gotta-be-rightis."

Marcel said...

Thanks. I changed the wording.