Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Exodus Begins

The mass exodus from the Church of England, and the entire Anglican Communion, has begun.

Pray for all involved. Because, I don't believe unity between Rome and the Anglicans will come in any form other than individuals and congregations leaving the Anglican Communion and coming to Rome - at least the way things are progressing.

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Geoff said...

Marcel, thank you for posting so many good articles about hopeful unity with Anglo-Catholics (individually or in groups). I hope you will continue to keep us posted.

I have to grimly acknowledge that I agree with you that the C of E is running headlong in another direction. In some ways, I suspect Catholics have more in common with Missouri Synod Lutherans than with American Episcopalians.

It might be useful to distinguish for your readers the differences between the terms:

-"Pastoral Provision" Catholics or Anglican Use Catholics (I actually wish I knew what they want to be called...probably just Catholic, since they are)