Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Anglicans Vote to allow Women Bishops

This is already causing quite a stir. Expect a mass influx of Anglicans into the Catholic Church.
The attempt for "super bishops" isn't going to help much, in my opinion.
Of course, the Vatican is saddened by the news.

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pabigelow said...

A Lie by The Great Liar.

"He was hardly going to choose women and send them into a
situation where they might have been in grave risk," Duke said.

Ye of little faith. As if Jesus and/or God couldn't protect women. Jesus' best friend was a woman prostitute who was about to be stoned to death. He saved her. Jesus had many
opportunities to choose deciples. He chose men.

One need look no further than Mary to see the high regard every Catholic has (or should have) for women. Mary, the mother of the human God. When the young Jesus was with the rabbis "about his father's work" even He obeyed his mother and went home with her. We ask Mary to help us because Jesus
listens to his mother -- as we all should.

The Anglicans are being deceived by The Liar who fools them into believing the Truth can change. The Truth cannot change. Truth is perfection. That which is perfect does not, can not, will not change.

The act of attempting to ordain women priests and bishops is
futile at best and deceiving at worst.

Futile because saying the words of ordination does not make it so. Any act of ordination or consecration must be done validly and in the correct form. The attempt by the Anglicans is invalid as the Anglicans are excummicated. No authority. The form is incorrect because it is woman. They may as well be attempting to ordinate a lump of coal -- they will fail.

Deceiving because it fools people into thinking the Truth can change to "suit the times". It is a lie that the Truth can change. The deception results in people following The Liar and that leads to Death.

Do not follow The Liar, it doesn't want you in heaven. The Holy Trinity wants you in heaven. Follow the Catholic Church and its irrevokable, unchangeable Truth.