Monday, June 2, 2008

San Antonio Auxiliary Bishop Cantu + Women-priest "ordinations"

*Oscar Cantu will be ordained a Bishop tonight in San Antonio, and Fr. David will be in attendance. The two were classmates in seminary and Fr. David talks highly of him. As a gift from the entire class, Fr. David made the crosier for Bishop-elect Cantu, using his wood-working skills. I will try to get pictures soon. Rocco has more on the ordination.

*The Vatican has decreed that anyone "ordaining" a woman as a priest or any woman receiving such, is automatically excommunicating themselves. My former prof, Dr. Ed Peters, has the scoop on the change to canon law and the issues surrounding it all.


marflu said...

Yes. Please post pics of the crossier when you get a chance. If possible, could you have Fr. David expain the design he chose? It would be very interesting.

John said...

I'm glad they finally came firmly down with the canon law clarification. There's still much pastoral concerns throughout our country though.

Geoff said...

I took one look at the title and thought that it meant that a San Antonio Bishop was trying to ordain women