Tuesday, June 17, 2008


One of the over-riding principles that we use in campus ministry is "connectedness". What I mean is this - many college students live a disconnected life. They profess their faith in Christ and in what the Catholic Church teaches, but live a life that is disconnected from their faith and beliefs. While everyone does this on some level (it is called sin, vice, addiction, etc.), college students struggle with it a great deal, and if we don't help them now, the disconnectedness might lead to a loss of faith in the future.

This is a huge hurdle to overcome in today's society. So, our job is to help students overcome this disconnectedness in a way that will help them live a life intimately connected to Christ.

But, some colleges don't work hard at this - even some that have the name "Catholic" attached to them. This is a shame, but the reality is that Catholic colleges are no better than their secular counterparts at fighting the prevailing culture. There are of course exceptions to this rule, but the overall findings of such studies are quite depressing.

Pray for our young people.
If you are a young person, then fight to live a connected life close to Christ.

As I have written previously, the antidote to this problem is found in JPII's Theology of the Body. Learn it, live it, and love it. It will guard us against this secular tide within the culture.

On a somewhat related note - Dan Brown's second novel-to-movie project is being shot. Angels and Demons filmmakers were barred from Churches in Rome. Give me a break - did they really think the Catholic Church was just going to roll out the red carpet to them so they can throw us under the bus again? Talk about disconnectedness...

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