Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sat Stuff

*England has made two mother IVF families a part of their law.

*In another interesting story, an Anglican Bishop calls for what he calls "Gay Christianity".
He says:
The Anglican tradition is uniquely capable of holding two seemingly contradictory ideas together. Its position on abortion, for example is that all human life is sacred. And, that no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Both are true.
No they are not. They are not "seemingly contradictory" they are contradictory and cannot both be true. This is basic reasoning 101. He then goes on to say:
“Just as surely as Jesus called to his friend Lazarus to ‘Come out!’ of his tomb, Jesus called me to come out of my tomb of guilt and shame, to accept and love that part of me that he already accepted and loved.”
I ask him what he thinks love is? Is it wanting the best for another, regardless of the cost to myself (the definition I use)? Because if it is, then entering into a homosexual relationship can never be "want what is best for the other" and therefore isn't real love. It is inherently selfish.

*WOW! China's 1-child policy has "prevented 400 million births". God have mercy. I can't even comprehend it.

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elizabeth said...

China's one-child policy is a human rights travesty. It's social engineering gone horrifically wrong. And the aftermath of the earthquake is heartbreaking. Seeing both of those come together in this devastating way -- parents mourning the loss of their only child -- well ... there are no words. Can't this country see how their flawed policy has come home to roost?

I have to take issue with that 400 million figure. (No numbers from the Chinese govt should ever be trusted.) First of all, there is an assumption that those are 400 million avoided *pregnancies.* That would be sad enough. What is more likely is that those are 400 million babies who either were never born (abortion) or have, at least as far as the govt is concerned, disappeared (abandoned). Those hundreds of thousands of children living in orphanages across the country? They are part of that 400 million figure.

I am deliriously proud to have one of those 400 million children living in my home. And I'd take as many more of them that I'd be allowed to have.