Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I highly recommend that you read Amy Welborn's most recent post about parenting, even if you aren't a parent. Beautiful.

Made me think of my kids. So, I responded to her post with these comments (read her post first before reading this):

I have five kids and like everyone, I am in awe and amazement at how God has made them so good. But, in my moments of frustration, anger, or just being moody, I forget that I am the reflection of THE Father and a poor one at that.

Thanks for such a beautiful reflection. It made me think that I have many selfish desires - including wanting to capture the moments of love and innocence that my children have and never let them leave the nest. To see them giggle, to see them cry and run to daddy’s arms. To have them great me at in the driveway all jumping up and down yelling “daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy!”

I don’t want to give up those moments but then, like you Amy, I realize that God didn’t make us to live for our own desires.

Sometimes that hurts.

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