Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Culture

We are in a cultural dogfight and in many ways, we are losing. Yes, there are great signs that the next generation is one that could lead the fight to take back our culture for God. But, that is many years (and many lost battles) into the future.

A new poll tells us that more Americans condemn fur clothing than they condemn divorce or embryonic stem cell research. Now, stop and think about this point. Animals are seen as more important than babies and marriage to many, if not most, of the citizens in the country - if the poll is correct.

Many times we like to assign blame for these problems. Frequently TV, pornography, movies, music, bad schools, advertising, government, etc. are blamed. But, these usually reflect the changes (and magnify) that are already going in a certain direction. I think there are two definite reasons for the problems and we must fix these two problems before there will be a change in our culture.

1 - Our family life. Our culture puts the individual's satisfaction and pleasure at a premium. Think of how things are sold today - you "deserve" this product. Until we start to think of the other before ourselves, we will never be able to have strong marriages and strong families that raise strong Christians and strong citizens, who are well-adjusted and confident in their ability to challenge the prevailing culture that will only get worse before it gets better.

2 - Our parishes and dioceses. We are satisfied at having the status quo in our parishes and dioceses. We are generally satisfied with them doing a "decent" job at formation, education, discipleship, prayer, etc. Yet, we are all called to excellence by Christ. Many of our parents have abdicated their spiritual responsibilities of educating their children in the faith and we have allowed them to do so.

I will stop complaining now. But, I do think that such stories like this one about sex on college campuses, are a call for us to fight harder.

What is the answer? Well, the Church has provided it since the day of pentecost. It is simply this:
1 - Be holy. Pray. Form your conscience, then follow it. Have a deep and abiding relationship with Christ.
2 - Be a good disciple. Evangelize. Be fervent. Be zealous. Seek conversion. Serve the less fortunate.
3 - Be a good Catholic. Know and follow what the Church teaches (study then live it). Pass this one to others. Frequent the Sacraments.

This simple game plan for life will win the cultural war, eventually.
God help us.

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matthew archbold said...

great post. puts it in perspective.