Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not a good idea

Not at all.


Christine said...

not saying i disagree with you, but also not sure i understand. why is it not a good idea?

Geoff said...

Britain's government is running at a swift pace toward regulating everything its citizens do.

The proponents might say that only criminals would have something to fear from this. But if the government goes down a bad road, there will be nothing its citizens can do to oppose it without reprisal.

And honestly? I wouldn't be surprised if our alliance with the UK becomes increasingly uncomfortable in the next generation of so. Britain's pretty messed up and it's getting worse, between its nanny state trend, its infanticide, its abortion, its Doctor Frankenstein genetic experiments, etc.

I feel kind of condemning to say all of that...America has its problems, too. But Europe is kind of a real-time cautionary tale that we need to heed.