Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Morning Mayhem

*Rocco has a great post up on Bishop Farrel and his first year in Big D.

*Scary, stupid, and bad reasoning all rolled into one.

*Cistercian Monks groomed to become stars.

*The Supreme Court upheld a child pornography law.

*Pope talks about the duty for all of us to seek converts.

Evangelism is a central mission of the Church, the pope told a Vatican body that encourages Catholic missionary activity.

The appeal for the conversion of "all nations," attributed to Jesus Christ in the Gospels, remains "an obligatory mandate for the entire Church and for every believer in Christ," the pontiff said.

"This apostolic commitment is both a duty and an inalienable right, the very expression of religious freedom with its moral, social and political dimensions," he said.

Like his predecessors, Pope Benedict is keen to promote missionary zeal among Catholics, most of whom live in a world of religious pluralism and other proselytising faiths such as Islam.

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